Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nancy Drew!

Okay here is my first blog post! Sorry I haven't done one in a long time! :P

I am going to do a post on Nancy Drew! =D

So far I've read two of the books. I have about 58 more to read. :P

I've read The Phantom of Pine Hill and The Invisible Intruder. Both of them I LOVED!!! I'm reading The Clue in The Crumbling Wall, and I am on page 58. So far the book is really good and spooky! My dad got me about five or six Nancy Drew books at the libray. I'll probably be able to finish them all soon because I read the Phantom of Pine Hill book in one day. :)

When I finish The Crumbling Wall, I'll probably start reading The Haunted Bridge. Funny, I used to hate reading, but now I love it! :P Hehehe. So far, my favorite book is The Invisible Intruder. The storyline is really good.

(I'm actually getting bored with The Crumbling Wall. :P Its a good book though.)

The Nancy Drew computer games are also really good too! Leia actually did a post on the games! (Only the ones we own.) I'm thinking about getting one of the games, but I only have about two dollars left because I spent most of the money I had on The Invisible Intruder!!! :P :P  The book was a good buy though. ;)

Well, I hope you liked my post on Nancy Drew! Sorry it was a little short, but at least I have a post already! :P I'll try to post more often. :) My next post might be about The Clone Wars Adventures. :) (I am actually on it right now! :P Hehe)

I know now why Leia used to be obsessed with Nancy Drew.

~Winter =D

P.S. Sorry. I know this was boring, but oh well.


  1. Yay!! Winter, you finally posted!!! :D

    good post! I like Nancy Drew too!!! I was obsessed with it myself for a while. ;)
    I only read the first two books, and then a few of them from the middle. I didn't go in order.

    Jedi~Chick <3

  2. I love Nancy Drew! My favorite was The Secret of Shadow Ranch. Great post!

  3. I must be the weird one: I read them all (except for the one I wasn't allowed to read) in order!

    I think my favorite was The Mysterious Mannequin.

    Glad to see you posting, Winter!

  4. Uh. Oh. Nice to see you finally post, Winter. :cough::cough:

    Not bad. Want me to help you develop a better post for next time, Wint? After all, I /am/ the more experienced sister. ;)

    -Ley <3

  5. Great post!!!

    I used to hate reading too. The Nancy Drew books sound pretty good!!

    -Barriss :-D


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